smelly mucus

Hi I have had my ileostomy for almost 6 weeks, my whole large bowel has gone but I still have my rectum. A few weeks after surgery I started passing mucus as expected, the mucus has the most revolting smell (as a nurse I usually deal with smells really well). Even when I haven't passed mucus I can still slightly smell it. I cannot find any information online about the smells of the mucus. Does anyone else have this issue or any advise? Beth x
  • I sympathise with you Beth, as I have the same problem since 2015 when they finally removed the last part of my colon in a 4th operation. It was really a bad smell and terrible sensation of wetting or dirtying oneself and I am still not used to it after 4 years. It started like a period week, just one week of it and then a good break before the next and I could cope easily with that by wearing an incontinence pad and putting on lots of perfume around my thighs and stomach as well as in the other places I always put perfume. However this last year it suddenly changed and it comes 24/7 most of the time BUT THE SMELL HAS ALMOST ONE NOW, and the colour has gone from brown to clear most of the time. I hate it but it is what life is all about, and my only advice is to do as I have done (with using pads- sometimes up to 3 a day on a bad day) and find a way to make fun out of it so you can laugh, laugh, and laugh even it gives you nice facial wrinkles and eyes that smile and a mouth that turns up and not down. Even strange dogs love me when they look into my eyes!!

  • thanks you, I will definitely try the perfume around the thighs! I think laughing is the main thing that gets me through tough times.