Very prolonged periods of constipation

Hi, All @aBIGGERLife,

I've been hospitalized for a number of weeks and am experiencing up to 4-5 days without needing to change my colostomy bag has anyone else ever had the same experience?

Saying that I am coeliac and lactose intolerant and the kitchen here are totally baffled as to what I actually CAN eat and I have been given the most bland and basic mini portions for some reason!

They've tried numerous laxatives often together but to no avail!  I'm paralysed and do not feel any pain if blocked does anyone have any advice?  Help!!

Kind regards,


  • Hi Lucky,

    Sorry to hear that your having such a difficult time of it. 

    How is your fluids intake? Ensuring your adequately hydrated is a big part of how your stoma will function.  

    Laxatives vary in their activity from being a softener, bulk or stimulant and they work in very different ways. Ensure you take a good volume of fluid following same.It is so unfortunate that the kitchen has not been able to provide more substantial meals for you. Are you able to order meals that you would like/could you request meals that you would like??? Have you family or friends that could shop or prepare food for you???

    Mobility is another big impact on the activity . I’m aware you said that you are paralysed but if you have not been as upright and maybe taking more bed rest than usual-this would impact the activity. Is your bag passing flatulence-as this would be important to note. If it hasn’t moved-I would recommend seeing your SCN/medical team, if you are an inpatient at the moment? If not I would get seen ASAP

    i hope this may help you in some way.