Ileostomy output

Hi there! Tomorrow morning I go to see my surgeon because it seems as though I may have an infection. My ileostomy surgery was on 9/26/19. But my main question right now is what happens if you only have to empty your pouch approximately 3 times in one day? I typically empty about 6 times per day. But today, I emptied at 9:20am and didn’t need to empty again until 6:30pm. I’m concerned as that is several hours between empties. Should I be concerned about a possible blockage? I don’t seem to have any other signs of obstruction (before my ileostomy surgery I had about 25 obstructions, so I know what it feels like to have one) this just doesn’t feel like one. I’ve had gas throughout the day. Just not much output. Thank you in advance! :-) -Danielle