General ostomy

I have had my colostomy for about four years now but lately I've been having an issue that was not a problem until recently. The 'normal' mucous that collects inside the rectum has been bothering me as it's quite uncomfortable, but I no longer have the strength to push it out, since it's just a sticky substance and there's nothing solid to push against. I push and strain as hard as I can but all that comes out are just traces of the mucous. I tried laxatives, but all they do is give me diarrhoea from the stoma and don't help get the mucous out. Have you any suggestions? Thank you.

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  • I have the same experiense. Two years ago, half of my colon was removed and I got an ileostoma. A year ago I got an severe stomachache. Rectal was then removed by a healthcare professional with the help of an enema much hard secretion of bacteria. A few months ago I received the same complaints again. My stoma expert has now thaught me how to flush my intestine rectally. I do this about once a month and use the Qufora irriSedo mini system for that. That works well, but I have been working o0n it for more thans a hour.


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