Newbie with colostomy

Hi I had my colostomy in June.  All was going well until last week.  I always make sure I am hydrated as I also have a SPC. I take Laxido/Movicol sachets daily to make sure my stools are soft. For some reason I started with diarrhoea. I had this for 2 days. Since then I’ve not had anything from the stoma. 3 days I have had no output at all from the stoma. I mentioned this to my nurse on Friday and she wasn’t worried as I still making wind noises. Is this a common problem? Thank you 

  • Hi Sal,

    i have had an ileostomy for 35 years  so have no colon,  if my ileostomy didn’t work for a day, I’d be very worried. A colostomy is different obviously and I suppose all you can do is gauge how’s you are feeling,  if you had a blockage, you’d know all about it.  Your stoma nurse isn’t worried which is good but I think if it carries on then maybe you should go to a&e just in case.  Maybe the diarrhoea cleared you out and there is nothing there but this is unlikely,  good news you are passing wind, that suggests no blockage,

    hope it starts working soon x