Antibiotics and a stoma

A very short account of a recent Stoma challenge from community member Ken.

After several painful encounters with migratory Gall Stones I was prescribed a course of antibiotics. A week passed as I was relieved of the infection and my yellow eyes retuned to green. A day or two later I noticed the flow from my Ileostomy slowing down and then stop completely. Three days of Zero output followed and in the early hours of the fourth day I made my way to the Emergency department of Wexford general Hospital. After BP, bloods, X-rays and quite some time waiting the Surgeon on call flushed and aspirated my catheterized stoma.


Circa 4 liters drained out and away while 1 liter of Saline flowed in.

The bottom line, which sadly no one had brought to my attention when I was instructed to take my medicine, ....Antibiotics can Bung you up!

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