What is the best way to unblock the stoma need help please
  • Kelly a blockage is potentially very serious,  is it completely block, are you having anything out of your stoma?

    have you been sick, or do you feel sick

    are you having abdominal spasms?

    do you have ileostomy or colostomy and how long have you had it for 


  • They say drink coke acts like stomach acid to dissolve if not serious block

  • Or a cup of brewed coffee can also help. I have a colostomy for about 5 years now and periodically I get constipated, I'll go a day or even two with no stool; but this was the 'norm' for me all my life. But if nothing by the third day I get about a 12 ounce cuppa, (like Starbucks since we  only use instant at home) and even though I drink it white with lots of cream, it will unblock me within a couple hours. Better I think than taking chemical laxatives.