Travelling abroad.

Hi can anyone help please. I will be going abroad in September, the first time since I have had my stoma. I am very apprehensive about the airport experience. Do I need a letter from my doctor. I am so worried about being embarrassed with a search. Would be grateful for any replies. Thank you. 

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  • Hi , I have travelled to Europe a few times. I have mentioned my stoma before I go in the full body scanner ones and they just either scan over the top of my clothes or once they took me to a curtained off bit and scanned over the bag, it was all very respectful and chatty. Coming back from Spain I was being frisked and tried to explain about my stoma and the woman didnt really understand until I showed her the top of the bag, and she was fine too. I suppose it is worth taking those little travel with an ostomy booklet in different languages just in case. You can get them from all the stoma suppliers. Have a great time you will be just fine.

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