Travelling abroad.

Hi can anyone help please. I will be going abroad in September, the first time since I have had my stoma. I am very apprehensive about the airport experience. Do I need a letter from my doctor. I am so worried about being embarrassed with a search. Would be grateful for any replies. Thank you. 

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  • Hi Sallyann

    I travelled last year from Australia to France for 9 weeks.  I made up 80 or so sandwich bags with the day's supply in each.  I packed them all in my carry on as I didn't want to have to deal with lost luggage.  At the airport the security asked what all the bags were on X-ray.  I told them ostomy bags and that was it.  They didn't even open the bag.  I had no trouble in France either coming through customs.  The aircraft toilets are a bit of a challenge when emptying.  I sit side saddle and face the back of the toilet and empty that way.  I also rinse the bag out with water every time.  I carry an empty 330ml water bottle everywhere.  It just fits under the tap in the plane toilet.  Don't let the bag stop you travelling.  Everyone will be supportive, I'm sure. I'm off to Europe and the USA in August this year. Have a great trip.

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