Travelling abroad.

Hi can anyone help please. I will be going abroad in September, the first time since I have had my stoma. I am very apprehensive about the airport experience. Do I need a letter from my doctor. I am so worried about being embarrassed with a search. Would be grateful for any replies. Thank you. 

  • Download the travel certificate from here and have with you. If you are stopped (which is unlikely), simply show them the form, and they will take you to a separate room.

    Having a stoma is quite common these days, and in my experience, customs are very discreet about this, so please don’t worry.

    I would personally take some stoma supplies in your hand luggage in case your suitcase is lost (remember you cannot pack any liquid or aerosol in the hand luggage)

    Have a brilliant holiday.

  • I didn't have any issues and have been to the Dominican and Mexico. I keep all my supplies in a bag to keep them together in my carry-on including my medical scissors. I try to time my shots so I don't have to take them but the rest of my meds go. They'll scan you and at that time I let them know I have an ileostomy (usually shows up yellow on their screen.) They'll then pat me down using the back of their hand and wand over the area. They'll then have me pat the area of my bag and then wand another wand type of device over my hands and put it in a machine to test for I'm assuming chemicals?! It's harmless but scary and nerve-wracking the first time!!  Hope this helps! Best of luck, safe travels and enjoy your trip!! 

  • I'm not sure where in the world you are SallyAnn, but remember, in the UK you cannot take anything sharp onto the plane in a carry on bag - and that will include scissors.

  • Hi Andy I am in Manchester. Won't need scissors my bags are cut to size. Thanks anyway