Anyone had normal poops from the bowel with a stomach bag

As above

  • Hi Karen, I have had  an ileostomy for 35 years and sometimes my output is almost normal.  Have you got a colostomy or ileostomy - If the former then yes I think it’s quite normal to have formed stools .

    or do you mean normal stools from the rectum ? Also normal  I think but depends on what type of stoma you have ? 

  • Hello Karen, This is Sarah the clinical advisor,  it is normal to have some discharge from the rectum. In the early days post op you may experience some bowel motion if your bowel was not cleared out prior to the surgery. As long as your rectum is there it will always produce some mucus. This is normal. There are times when the colour of this mucus might change and this is usually normal too. If you have any concerns about changes in the discharge please speak to your stoma nurse, GP. Surgeon.