Does red wine cause problems
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  • Me too! Having a glass or two of red is one of the few pleasures I don’t have to worry about! So if wine did not upset your stomach before, it won’t now. Two cautions: 1. The other plusses and minuses of alcohol consumption still apply so two glasses  is enough anyway. 2. A friend with a stoma like mine found champagne was a problem. I suspect this is because the bubbles stimulate the valve and the alcohol gets quickly into the intestine. That’s why champagne drinkers always feel the effect quicker at Wedding receptions etc,!! I suppose that may apply to beer too for us and GTs and all fizzy alcohol but fortunately there’s plenty of still wine in the world. PS Don’t feel sorry for my champagne drinking friend. She very rapidly developed a new fondness for Pinot Noir.....Surprise surprise

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