Is there any food I should not eat?
  • This is a difficult one because in the early days you might find many foods that can cause watery output or even blockages, like fibrous foods potato skins etc, but as time has gone by for me, my stoma has adapted and I can eat most things. 

  • At first all sorts of food will seem to be problematic. At first you need to mostly eat things that plug you up like white rice, white bread and potato (no skins) and simple white protein like eggs, fish and chicken *** - and drink fruit juice rather than eat fruit. You need to find a diet that gives you a manageable output. Then you can slowly introduce things. Other meats etc. You may never succeed with really high fibre foods but you will find you can slowly introduce things you like and eat a little WITH the white foods. Fibre on an empty stomach is not what you want! Plain potato crisps are better for you than celery now! Nuts may always be a problem but I found SMOOTH peanut butter is fine. You may need to forget what you were taught about fruit every day and 5 veggies etc. That was mainly for regularity and I promise you that will probably not be a problem. For vitamins, take a supplement and drink juice and slowly introduce the less fibrous fruits. Good Luck!

  • Hi , Sarah our Clinical Advisor has created an informative short video discussing food management following stoma surgery - . Hope you find this useful. 

  • It is completely trial and error. What works for some won’t necessarily work for others. Try foods you’d like gradually and you’ll find what works for you :)