Stoma Anniversaries

I've had my stoma 11 years today ..... time has flown past, and in general, it no longer bothers me, concerns me or annoys me 

(unless I have a leak!)

 I might give it a birthday treat and give it a special clean, but even though it's creation gave me back my life, I don't normally celebrate the day

Am I unique? does anyone else celebrate their day? ... if so, how?

I'll be interested to hear ..


  • Hi Andy,

    Happy B’day!! I’m still waiting to celebrate my first B’day as I only had it done last June.  Must try and recall the actual day it was done to have an accurate B’day, Joy!   I do think we should celebrate it as, like you said, it has totally changed my life too.  Remarkably I have only had one leak since having it done.  I may have to have a Urostomy done in the next year or so as my Supra Pubic Catheter is also giving me serious issues also at present.

    Yes, I’ve grown very used to it, my Stoma, already and am back working again at last though saying that I have been back in hospital for the last 2-3 weeks but nothing to do with my Stoma.  I developed GBS (Guillain Barré Syndrome) and am just out of the CCU (Coronary Care Unit) being monitored while undergoing treatment.  Mega scary experience!!

    Andy have you heard about giving it a name too? Joy - I named mine after my Stoma Nurse in the Hospital I had the surgery done at as it was his do this... let’s just say he has a great sense of humor thankfully - I said it looked the image of him and that it was full of s#!\e and he laughed his head off.

    Really think that your idea of having its B’day is a great idea and think it should spread.

    keep up the great work,

    Talk2u soon,


  • Morning Mark

    I remember the date because I created the blog at the time of the operation to remind me of all the bad times I used to have. 

    My doctor told me that given a few years, I would forget the constant pain, accidents and no quality of life, and so "" was born. The doctor was right, I had forgotten!

    As for naming it, I initially did, but it's a bit too rude to post here .... I've not bothered in recent years though ... mainly as I've had it for so long, its like part of the furniture now.

    My recovery was exactly six months ... I didn't just have the ileostomy done - I also had a panprocolectomy, so I wasn't allowed to work for that long. My company (at the time) paid me full pay though for the six months I was off, so that was great,

    I didn't get the stoma a birthday cake, but I did raise a couple of glasses to him!


  • Happy stomaversary, my three year one is coming up in April, I do kind of celebrate it on social media.