How is everyone sleeping?

Hey, how has everyone been sleeping? Have you had any difficulty sleeping or do you have any tips for getting a good nights sleep with a stoma? 

  • An interesting subject …


    As an Ileostomist, I cannot remember the last time in almost 11 years (since my stoma was born) that I actually slept through the night.


    If I lay on my right side, I end up rolling onto the bag (not a good idea!), and it I lay on my left, the bag hangs over and starts to get uncomfortable.


    I suppose I could try sleeping whilst standing up, but I’d rather use the bed (!), but having never found a happy medium, I’d be interested to see how others in my situation cope.

  • I've had my ileo for 3 years.  I try falling askeep on my left side sitting up against 3 pillows.  I usually wake up every 3 to 4 hours on my back.  That can cause pooling and a leak.  That happened 2 mornings ago and luckily it just was at the  escaping the barrier stage, so it didn't soil the sheets... 4 hours is the longest I've gone even using the gel packets 

  • Hey

    I use a urinary bag that attaches by a long tube  to my attached ileo bag   it  holds about 4000ml of urine    only way to get a full sleep  cost about $20

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