How is everyone sleeping?

Hey, how has everyone been sleeping? Have you had any difficulty sleeping or do you have any tips for getting a good nights sleep with a stoma? 

  • An interesting subject …


    As an Ileostomist, I cannot remember the last time in almost 11 years (since my stoma was born) that I actually slept through the night.


    If I lay on my right side, I end up rolling onto the bag (not a good idea!), and it I lay on my left, the bag hangs over and starts to get uncomfortable.


    I suppose I could try sleeping whilst standing up, but I’d rather use the bed (!), but having never found a happy medium, I’d be interested to see how others in my situation cope.

  • For the last two years since I had my surgery I have been up every night to empty.  Now for some reason the last couple of months I have actually been able to get through the night without getting up.  

    I don't sleep through but I judge that I can go another hour or two without having to get up.  It would probably be better to just get up and empty and not wake every hour or so, but somehow I would rather stay in bed.  I don't sleep but I don't get up.  A little bit stupid, I guess.

    I now have a new game.  I sleep with my phone under my pillow and I look at it several times during the night to see what time it is and if I can justify making a cup of tea.  Now I guess the time before I look.  Simple things.

  • Actually, you've hit the proverbial nail on the head with me ...

    I tend to lay there thinking "I'll get up to empty shortly", but that extends to an hour, then a further hour ....

    Would make more sense to get up, empty out and get back to bed!

  • I know. I don't know why I resist for so long and yet lay awake.  And it's not even cold in Australia at the moment.  I sleep on my left side or my back.  I would love to sleep on my stomach as I used to but not anymore.  I assume I snore on my back but I have a wonderful husband who has never said!!

  • Since my surgery I can't sleep. I'm not sure why, I'm almost scared of it! I've not found a way to get comfortable, I put a pillow under my knees and use three so I'm raised up a bit. My stoma just seems to get sore whatever I do. Did anyone else get anxious after surgery? What helped? Any tips to get comfy?