Hi Everyone hope you are doing well Blush

Myself and Chris both have stomas, we are having a ostomate only swimming session in our local area Derry/L'Derry. It is open to everyone!! Theres always alot of Questions concerninh swimming such as will it come off, can anyone see it and do I need to wear special swimwear!! 

In my personal experience I haven't had any issues but would love to hear your views or share your experiences of swimming? Different people have different tips which myself and many others will find so useful.

Please feel free to ask me any questions or concerns that you may have. This initiative is a pilot run to have a support group up an running in the future with future activities being planned. 


Aneica xx

  • Hi, what a lovely idea to have a stoma only swimming session, I have never felt that I could swim with my bag, I worry that the stickiness of the bag won't be as good after, and hate the feel of wet bag. I tend to be the one who watches the belongings at the beach while everyone else goes in the sea.But the idea of swimming baths is similar. Am not afraid to show it. Hope one day I might brave the water. Clare

  • Hi, Claire

    I am the same as yourself in terms of the stickiness of the bag. I have been swimming a few times and have I hair dry my bag or use the disabled toilets to change my bag to a new one, only takes a few mins. 

    Everyone only does things outside their comfort zone when they are ready. I'm sure some day you will be enjoying the water and someone else will watch the belongings.

    Your more than welcome to join us on our swimming day xx

  • I have a fistula at the base of stoma, so a quick change isn't something I can do, I tend to sit up on bed with all my kit, I had to change it once when I leaked at work and I hated it, really struggled.Would love to join you, but too far away, xx

  • I’ve had my stoma 35 years and have always been a regular swimmer until a few years ago .  I never had any problems and I don’t think anyone would even have been aware I had a bag.  Not sure I would go to an ostomists onky swim session as it would just draw attention and in any event I don’t see the need, but that’s me personally.

    all change now as I now have a fistula so life is very different sadly. 

  • I would love to try swimming but it’s just that little bit more difficult as I have an ileostomy and a colostomy. And I use a wheelchair as I only have 1 leg and it doesn’t even work properly.

    i would travel to Derry to try it sometime tho