Diarrhea and stool color change

Hi, i’ve Had my stoma for three months now. All was going well, until 4 days ago. I ate some Oreo Cookies, right after the gas pains and diarrhea began. This is the 4th day. Everything that I eat goes straight through and the color is black to a deep green. I’m not in any pain now because the gas has subsided but the diarrhea is still happening. I’ve taken Mylanta and Kaopectate for gas and diarrhea, it took care of the gas but not the diarrhea. I’m not in pain but the discoloration and diarrhea does not make me feel comfortable. My next appointment is in March to see the surgeon to begin plans for my reversal. I don’t want anything to go wrong before that time. Mostly I want to stay healthy. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Should I contact my doctor? Please help me understand.

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  • I’m feeling fine this evening. I did go to urgent care, they sent me to the hospital where they did blood work to make sure there was no blood in the stool. Test came back negative for blood in the stool. I was given antibiotics to help with the diarrhea and sent home. I never had pain or felt bad, it was just the diarrhea and stool color change. Thank you so much for responding. I did eat quite a few of those Oreos though, that’s why I was thinking maybe they were the reason for this change.

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