Drinking alcohol with an ostomy

Hey all

Has anyone noticed that when you drink alcohol it can effect your pouch adhesion? Or any other effects with your ostomy? 

  • I have had a colostomy for 10 years and enjoy alcohol in moderation. I have absolutely no problems with adhesion. I only change the base plate once a week which they tell me is pretty good. I still have some of my colon and my product is therfore fairly solid which is a factor in better  adhesion. If your product is more liquid, then I suppose it is possible that it may effect some adhesives but alcohol could only be the problem if the alcohol was not absorbed fro the intestine yet. . On the other hand I feel alcohol has positive effects for me, calming me and giving me better sleep. Like many ostomates I have mild  Late Onset diabetes (type 2) and cant drink sugary stuff. So alcohol is heLthy for me, two glasses of wine of an evening

  • Hi I don't have issues with the bag sticking after I have a drink, but I do find I feel the effects quicker and I often feel dehydrated much more than before. Mine is an ileostomy which I have had for nearly 3 yrs.

  • i adopt the attitude, everythong in moderation, sometimes red wine might make my stoms act a little faster,