Christmas tips

Does anyone have any tips for surviving the holiday period and ensuring you have a stress free and relaxing Christmas? 

  • Thanks Laura, great advice as I was rather nervous myself as I only had my surgery back in June of this year.  Your tips are excellent thanks.  Can I ask as to why Sprouts are to be avoided as I adore them!?!?!  Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without them and I adore them!!  I am back in work on the Thursday after Christmas and would they still be affecting me then?  I can deal with any after effects on St. Stephen’s Day but would they still be causing any issues on the Thursday?  Again, great video and I am an avid fan of all your companies products and would be rather nervous to use any others.  I have had zero problems since leaving the hospital and Kate, your companies, and my, Stoma Nurse has been really amazingly good and helpful to me since my leaving the hospital.  I have had no problems at all since my surgery and put it all down to the excellent service and products that your company have been advising and supplying since day one.

    I hope that you and all at Evans have a wonderful Christmas and that 2019 brings only happiness and prosperity to both you and your company.

    Festive greetings,


    MarkC (Lucky)

  • Hi Mark, Happy New Year, we hope you had a lovely Christmas :) 

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