Stoma bag

 Hello, I have had an ileostomy a year ago and my stoma bag constantly is filling up, worst is at night as I wake up every 2 to 3 hours to empty the bag. Is there any advise to stop this or what to do, I try and eat by 7 and sleep around 11 hoping for the bag to stop so I can sleep

  • Mine fills up some nights and not others. With some of that volume being air. It was suggested to me that l put a small pin *** in the bag. Watching what you eat helps also.

  • I have same issue, forget about using a pin they make a product called ez vent which you put on your bag prior to using then all you do is open the plug and let gas out and then close, ck out on line, works great. No solution to bag filling up, I deal with it

  • Use a product called ex vent to put on bag you open and close it to release gas. No solution to bag filling up I have same issue

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  • Hi Mic,

    do you know how much of your bowel you lost when you had your surgery as this can affect output. It tends to be the more you lose the higher the output.  On saying that I have no colon and my ileostomy output is porridgey but I have had it 34 years and I think your body adapts.  I do find if I drink red wine I get more watery output and some foods affect it as well but on the whole it’s fine.  

    I hear people mention marshmallows and jelly babies for thickening output so you could try that.  But if there is a medical or surgical reason like you have lost a lot of bowel you could talk to your doctor who may suggest Imodium to slow things down or something called Questran which  helps some people but you’d have to discuss with your doctor as it depends what is causing the high output.  

    Good luck !