How does winter weather affect your ostomy?

Do you have any tips for managing your ostomy and your pouch in winter conditions? Have you dealt with winter conditions that changed the way you think and wear your ostomy appliances? We would love to hear your feedback, leave your comments below!

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    I only had my Ostomy surgery in June last so this will be my first experience of a winter with an Ostomy!  Is it more difficult to manage during the winter?  Looking forward to reading others with more experiences feedback for tips!

  • Hello Lucky,  There should be no difference in the actual appliance or accessories.  However, if you like outdoor sports and depending on where your ostomy is located wearing extra layers of clothing can be restrictive.  If you are going out for physical activity or strenuous exercising (shovelling) you may experience some challenges.  Be sure to have extra appliances available if you are away from your home base.  Be prepared.  

    Full body snowsuits can be difficult to manage.

    Regards,  Pikemaster

    ps.  I have had my ostomy for over 55 years, so lots of experience and experiences.

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    Hi Pikemaster, thanks for the reply.  I won’t be doing any shoveling or wearing ski suits as I’m a wheelchair user and paralysed from the chest down (though do have to wear the extra layers to stayJoyarm).  Don’t worry I always have extra apliances with me everywhere I go. My PA’s hate carrying the bag around with them when I’m going to work.  I was only bk in work for one week when I fell fromJoyy wheelchair and managed to break my hip & femur (I’ve osteoporosis - brittle bones!) but at least I couldn’t feel anything - fringe benefits of paralysis! Joy 

    Now you know why everyone calls me ‘Lucky’!

    Talk2u again,