Does anyone else experience leaks?

I have had my stoma for just over a year now. Up until now I haven't had any leaks but they seem to be happening more frequently. I have no idea why but its really getting me down does anybody have any advice or experienced something similar? 

  • Hey there

    so sorry for the late reply, I am only just noticing your post. Have you changed anything recently that could account for the leaks? Like a different product or perhaps adding things to your bath?

    It’s important that the skin around your stoma is dry and free of all perfumes, moisturises and body lotions. It will be very difficult for your bag to stick if you have any products on your skin.

    Other things that I have noticed that can cause leaks are ‘pancaking.’ This is when faeces doesn’t drop into the bag but instead collects round your stoma, this can cause the flange to come away as the poo tries to find a way out, this can be helped by making sure that both sides of your bag aren’t stuck together inside before you close it and also allowing the tiniest little bit of air to stay in the bag so that a vacuum isn’t created.

    Also if you stick your bag on and the edge is sitting on your stoma it won’t seal properly so it’s best to just start over and put a fresh one on. Sometimes despite trying all these things leaks still occur. Personally I use Eakin Cohesive Slims, have you heard of these? They are thin, moldable rings that fit round your stoma before you put your bag on and they also help to heal sore skin, I wouldn’t be without them, you can order a free sample here:

    If none of these things help please come back and let me know and I’ll try to help you figure out what’s happening

    Best wishes