Not knowing another person with FAP is a real downside to the disease

Because I have never met, in person, anyone who has FAP, I find this site a lifesaver against feeling totally isolated and alone. However I am wondering how many of you who access this site are from Queensland, and like what town do you live in. We live 50kms west of Gympie at Kilkivan so that isolates me from Stoma Nurse and doctor (except fo once a fortnight when the doctor comes to the village). We have just got a Community Nurse who also will come once a fortnight too. But of course neither wilol know anything about FAP if they even have heard of it! Being th4e reciient of a rare disease is no blessing is it if you don't live in big cities like Brisbane or Sydney. Please let me know if you are a Queenslander and what is your nearest town.