What did you start during lockdown that you intend to keep doing?

I belong to a running club and from the start of restrictions the club has set a weekly miles challenge. I have now done this for 15 weeks. I've never set a weekly mileage target before and found it a brilliant way of keeping my motivation up. I'm going to keep setting a weekly mileage target. It made me think what did other people start during lock down that they want to keep doing - return to a musical instrument you haven't played for years, take up knitting, start going for a short walk everyday. Whatever it is I'd love to hear.

  • Well done Patrick, setting a target each week sounds like a great way to stay motivated. I started keeping a daily gratitude journal at the start of lockdown. Each night I write down at least three things I am grateful for from the day. Each night when I take a couple of minutes to reflect on the day, I am always pleasantly surprised at how many positive things happened during that day.