Parastomal Hernia Pain

Hi All,

I have a large parastomal hernia which I have been suffering with now for a year. I am suffering with a lot of pain getting in and out of cars and getting up and down off chairs etc. my groin area (both sides) have been aching and pulling. I have been told by my stoma nurse that this pain is caused by my hernia pushing down on my groin/genital area.  I have recently changed surgeons due to mine retiring and my new surgeon is not happy for me to proceed with surgery, at least until I loose about 3 stone.

The question I have is for fellow suffers with a parastomal hernia. What areas do you suffer hernia pain? What do you do, or take, to ease the pain, I currently take co-codomol which doesn't really touch it however as I work full time and need to drive I cant take anything like stronger like Tramadol as you are not able to drive whilst taking it.

Thanks In Advance.