How do you prepare for going out with no public toilet facilities currently available?

 Hey everyone

With restrictions now beginning to lift and we are starting to venture out a little further from our homes for exercise, one issue is that public toilets still remain closed. How have you prepared yourself for going out knowing that there may be no facilities available? 

  • It’s a really good topic’

    I would be very interested to know if people feel affected in any way.....
    Does it make people feel anxious?


    Has it impacted your thoughts or stopped you from wanting to go out? 

  • I haven't been anywhere yet that I ned a toilet for, and haven't actually thought about that until my friends said shall we go for a picnic in the park now that six can meet outside, I said what about toilets? no one had thought about that either. so we didn't meet in the end.

  • Well things are still quite restrictive in certain places now and it’s good to discuss how people can cope when out and about-not having to restrict visits and journeys.

    I understand that a lot of fuel stations and supermarkets are all open. They may have a max capacity but from my experience on the road doing good journeys in various counties, I have been able to use facilities when out and about.

    If in doubt or nervous/concerned about travelling distances etc-I would make a phone call ahead of departure and ask to know about a toilet facility.
    If there is none available-they May suggest or recommend where does have. It can be helpful if you have a planned journey if and when possible.

    If you plan to go to a park, mountain trekking, or somewhere remote- even a regular day without the implications of a global pandemic would have has this toilet facility issue.......

    I’m sure everybody has their own thoughts on this but from my experience-people with a stoma could have their own little ‘relief’ plan.

    Do you have a ileostomy/colostomy or urostomy??

    Ileostomates find it easier to drain than colostomates-and more often colostomates may be wearing a closed system.

    You would consider......
    -the appliance, the output and the area in where you are and plan to seek- the nearest bin(or take home if you’d rather do so.)

    Trying to find an area wherever you are-behind a tree, on or by a bench, sitting, standing-however comfortable you are.

    At behind or propped at the side or in your car.
    However you plan to organise your space, to be comfortable..

    Is it one or two piece??? One piece may be slightly more timely but totally possible too.

    Bring a small-ziplock bag(a couple of wet wipes in this), adhesive remover wipes if possible to use rather than sprays and have minimal products. It’s a quick change out and about.
    Can you place your pouch/bag into the disposal sacks or ziplock bag-spray or wipe off and it would automatically fall into the bag.

    Have a wet wipe or how many you may need that you have brought in the bag that you used to clean. Use and dispose...... and wa-la’ pop back on your system.

    Two piece-
    Could you clip off the two piece in a secluded/somewhat private area-pop it into a bag/double bag-and then place into your handbag/near bin etc?? It can be done in seconds and this can be a great relief to do.

    Have you used a double or triple disposal bag to empty your contents into???

    Some people may like to use a sturdier option/jug/wide lipped bottle and resealable...... depending on preference. I’ve heard of somebody using a pringles container before.

    I know I have emptied stool into bags on several occasions and just repeatedly bagged it until I felt secure and stored it safely until I could dispose of it.

    Urostomates may find it slightly easier when out and about as emptying can be done very discretely into a spare empty bottle and just popping on a lid until you can reach a local/home toilet to empty.
    Often people could add a leg bag to their regular pouch to add another good volume that the pouch can drain into too-this is good for travelling too and this would double the volume content delaying the need of emptying.

    I’m sure there are people that would agree, disagree, relate or maybe have their own suggestions.
    I love to hear of handy tips and suggestions from people.

    Your little story or experience ‘that day’ could help another down the line.

    Please feel free to comment, share your experience etc.
    Stay safe.