The impact of Covid 19 - How are you feeling?

  • Like many Of us I am shielding,  stoma no 1 has never been a problem. 5 years ago a hysterectomy left me with a fistula so I now wear 3 bags - the fistula is awful and totally compromises my life.  All my ‘arm bands’ have been taken away by Covid - grandchildren, nephews, family, trips in car, even hairdressers - all made life better for me.  
    I know we are all on similar roads and I’m sure many of us are struggling Rainbow Rainbow

  • Hi you have come so far already. Hopefully you can start to get your support network back soon Slight smile

  • Morning all,

    I'm actually doing ok. I live on my own, the nearest neighbour is a fair way away, but I am lucky in that I have been able to continue to work from home, and will be for a further month (I think) before returning to the office. Apart from daily video chats to my team, (and shopping) I've not seen a single person for 11 weeks now.

    Health wise, my Stoma seems to have grown somewhat .. and is starting to get uncomfortable, I freely admit to being a lot larger than I should be, and sitting down all day working probably isn't helping. I have trouble sleeping, but then I always have. 

    My only concern is my father ... he is 78, and although he will probably outlive me (!), I do worry for him.

    Apart from that, I do need to start going for a daily walk, but with the hours I work just to survive, it's tricky. I should make more of an effort!

  • Hi Andy,

    I dint go out much anyway so that bit isn’t different, it’s just not having all the visits from family and friends.  I’m still quite busy though, I don’t feel bored.

    glad you are coping ok, working helps as it keeps you busy.