It's been 10 years and I have tried pretty much everything. Over the last two years I have found the a product that I change twice a month. It is awesome.

It's been 10 years since my surgery. I have tried pretty much everything. Over the last two years I change my appliance twice a month. So much better. 

  • Hey Onnada, that's great to here that you have found a product that works for you. 

  • Glad you found the correct product. I’m totally new to this as I only had my surgery back in June but all is going grand and am back at work again.  Confidence renewed I’m back to my old self.  Finding it very easy to manage myself and have rarely seen my Stoma Nurse.  Keep thinking positively and positive things will happen that’s my outlook.

  • My grand daughter had the same thing done two years ago and her surgery was so different from mine.  She was also up and running shortly after.  My incision started 4 inches above my belly button and ended 4 inches below my belly button.  I was 12 days in the hospital and it took me 3 months to recover.  With an infection in my incision to problems with my appliance the recovery time was not pleasant.  But I have never regretted having it done.  From my first attach to time of surgery was 7 years.   We tried everything but nothing worked.  Now with the new appliance I so happy.  Being 73 has many challenges, but keeping busy and active is working for me. Your outlook will take you to many great places. Keep smiling.   

  • Onnada, what system of bag do you use? I am 75 and we change my bag twice a week. Twice a month change sounds really good. How does your skin hold up? We have to be careful as I am 50kms away from any stomo nurse or help and the hospital has no idea still how to do things so I can't afford to get sick again otherwise my husband would have to come to town to do the bag which would mean a 100km round trip which we can's afford too often.

  • Hello Sesili

    How long has it been since you had your operation?  I order my appliance supply from a company on line that sells this stuff.  It takes about 3 days to get here. I live in Ontario but I am sure they deliver everywhere.  I have been ordering from them for at least 9 years.

    The company I order from is a lot cheaper then buying your products from the drug store.

    The company is called   Can Med Direct  from Markham Ontario.    I order about 6 months supply at once. Anything over $150. the shipping is free. 

    I order Coloplast 16921 - Sensura Mio Click Skin Barrier light.  There is no need for any kind of paste.

    I order Coloplast 11482 Sensura Mio 2 pc Click pouch, drainable, maxi Flange size 60mm

    My skin has never been better since switching to this. It takes me less then 5 minutes to change it.

    I empty my pouch several times a day and the product  holds up.

    For you I would suggest changing it every week to start and see how things go before trying to stretch

    it out longer. 

    Hope this helps