Stoma irritation

13 weeks with ileostomy following surgery for rectal cancer...have a lot of irritation around stoma due to waste getting under moldable ring.Use Coloplast 2 piece convex appliance,rarely get 2-3 days before changes....ostomy nurse says we are doing things right but have a recessed stoma so perhaps that makes it harder to get a good seal...very frustrating when at times we are changing daily...would appreciate ideas that may help.

  • Hi Granny74,

    I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulties with your new stoma. There are number of factors that could be causing the irritation. The recessed stoma will be one. Is your output consistency loose? Ideally the consistency should be paste like. If it loose, it is more likely to cause irritation. Talk to your stoma nurse about maintaining a thicker consistency. There are various types of ring and seals and it sounds like it would be worthwhile trying an alternative ring to start with to see if you get a better seal.  Are you applying ostomy powder or paste to the irritation? This may help heal and soothe the irritation. There are several options in terms of rings and pouches so ask to try alternatives if irritation persists. Keep a diary of the consistency and quantity of your output and report this to your stoma nurse. The main thing is to keep reporting the irritation to your stoma nurse and request solutions to heal the irritation and prevent further irritation in the future. I hope this helps! Let us know how you get on. 

  • I had those piece bags when I first had my stoma and then changed to pelican platinum convex, I tried others but the pelican is the only one that sticks really well and my skin likes.