Hi, why you do not inform sizes of your ileostoma bags? Do you have extra bag to connect with tube to bag in waist? I am using now one litre waist bag, but I'd like to sleep whole night without problems of full weist bag and leagage.

  • Hi there Seppo, I hope this finds you well. Sorry for the delayed repose in getting back to you-ommited to see your post. 

    The bags vary from company to company and they have an average capacity. I will give you an approximation of the pelican drainable range, see below

    • Mini 260mls
    • Standard 560mls
    • Maxi 710
    • High output 650-660 with connection to longer drainable bag.(only available in Ireland and Japan currently) 

    The high output pouch that connects to the long drainable bag which can be up to an extra 2 litre tubing and bag at the bedside to allow better rest and save you from having to empty overnight. 

    You would have to check with the make of product that you are using and ensure that you get a high output pouch and suitable connection.

    I hope this helps.

    Please let me know if you have any further queries or questions.


  • I use the pelican mini convex, and it is the only bag so far to not disintegrate round the stoma within a day or two.

  • Hi Clare. You seem to have problems of disintegration, I'm used 2-piece soft convex base plate approximitely 2 weeks before leak. And I use Finnish sauna normally 2 times / week too. Products are not Eakin products.

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