Keeping the children entertained during the lockdown

It's been a while since the kids have been at school.  If you have children in the house you might be running out of ideas, so here are a few that might help you keep them busy.

1) Create a plaque with the households' hand prints, a momento of our time at home together. See picture with instructions how. 
2) Start a time capsule including a diary of a day in the life at home, pictures the kids drew, what the family are doing to keep busy, what special occasions occurred during the time at home ie. birthdays. Maybe if the kids are old enough get them to write a letter to their future self. Then put it away or bury it and agree to open it on a date in the future.
3) Paper mache around a blown up balloon and when dry get the kids to paint different faces or designs on it. They can put them in the window to cheer people up on the street.

A few ideas to keep them busy for a few hours.  Have you got any more ideas to share?

  500g plain flour

 250g salt

 250ml water

Mix into a dough and roll out flat

Press handprints into the dough

Bake in the oven on the lowest temperature for 3-4 hours

Paint it and varnish it so it seals.