• Meeting another ostomate

    Has your stoma nurse ever offered you the opportunity to meet another ostomate, either before or after surgery? We'd love to hear about your thoughts on this and how useful you think it is.

  • Stoma re siting / refashioned

    Hi, has anyone had a stoma re sited or refashioned and how was your recovery, and how long in hospital? thanks

  • I’m having a hernia repair and removal of the rectum

    I’m having a hernia repair and removal of my rectum in April, I received my ileostomy October 2020. What should I expect my recovery to be like and what can I do to avoid complications in the future?. Thank you.

  • Illestomy

    Hi there. 

    I'm new to the site. 

    This Saturday I will be having a loop illestomy. 

    Rather anxious but stoma nurse was just out to mark my stomach and she is just so lovely. 


  • Is there enough mental health support for those facing surgery?

    It's not always easy to have a conversation about your personal feelings but it is usually the first steps towards working out what kind of support might help you.

    An interesting article - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/disability-53106958 prompting the…

  • Aneica shares a message of hope for new ostomates

    Firstly, I would like to acknowledge that everyone is different, the thought of having a stoma can be just too much for you to come to terms with.

    This is just a little note that will hopefully give people courage, strength, hope and faith who may be…

  • Weighing the pros and cons of revision surgery

    I have a very irregular shape to the base of my stoma and I have always had trouble cutting the wafer hole correctly.  If I manage it the odd time, I need it to be placed absolutely correctly. How does everyone else manage who have strange shapes?

    I know…

  • Say NO to Dr. Google!

    We all do it.  Google that symptom or health condition and more often than not, it makes us worse.  The health anxiety racks up ten-fold and we end up thinking we are knocking on death’s door.

    I am a prime culprit, or at least I was until very recently…

  • The Pre Surgery Nerves

    The fear of any surgery is the fear of the unknown, the pain, the healing process, the scars, the mental ability to come through it. If you are like me, you might also worry if you will make it at all.

    I have just had surgery and the lead up was more…

  • What’s it like when a partner or close family take on a carer role?

    Does a family member or partner help with any aspect of your care since stoma or stoma related surgery?

    I ask because there are many ways in which you might need help for example, wound care, help with the stoma change itself or maybe even TPN and naso…

  • Stoma resiting

    Hi has anyone had their stoma moved to the other side and what does it entail? recovery time, pain etc, thank you

  • Your life in their hands

    I have had many times when I think about what I actually went through with surgery. But I have not really thought about what the surgeons and other medical professionals went through. You assume that they just get on with it like a conveyor belt, and…

  • Surviving the first couple of weeks after stoma surgery

    Operations to create stomas come in various forms – some are created temporarily, others permanent. Some are created as a Colostomy, others an Ileostomy, so the notes I write here may not necessarily be completely relevant to you, but I hope that they…

  • Difference between my planned and emergency ostomy surgeries

    After 3 years of living with Ulcerative Colitis my body decided to reject every medication available to me at the time, in 2014 I was told I needed surgery one day and a few days later… I was giving my consent for the operation and wearing the trendy…

  • The power of acceptance in recovery from ostomy surgery

    My ileostomy was created just over ten years ago on the 18th March 2008, so in this blog I thought I would share with you the acceptance, problems and recovery during that time, and so as such, it is designed for the newer ostomate. There are ten items…

  • My mental health before and after stoma surgery

    Before surgery
    When I had ulcerative colitis I developed anxiety attacks, I really struggled to go out to unknown places with people other than close friends or family. I was fine at work and in my usual places. I think it started because whenever I went…

  • My experience of having a proctectomy

    After my initial surgery for a permanent ileostomy, I had a perineal proctectomy. I was unable to have the rectum removed at the same time because the rectum and anus was so severely diseased and I was nutritionally compromised so the healing process…

  • My thoughts just before and after emergency stoma surgery

    Before stoma surgery

    Many years before my stoma surgery I had a bad flare up of ulcerative colitis, but because it was left sided colitis ,surgery was discouraged. The flare lingered for a year and I was admitted to hospital a few times during that year…

  • To tell or not to tell others about your stoma

    I personally thought it would be better for me to tell everyone I knew about my surgery. I have been extremely open, and for me I am happy to do that. But not everyone is the same and I know people with a stoma who don’t tell anyone other than close family…

  • Live Q&A with our Clinical Advisor - 30th January 10am - 2pm (GMT)

    Preparing for and adjusting to life with your stoma: Live Q&A with our Clinical Advisor

    Are you preparing for stoma surgery, recovering from surgery or just want some extra support? 

    On Wednesday 30th January between 10am-2pm (GMT), our clinical advisor…

  • Live Q&A with our Clinical Advisor - 30th January 10am - 2pm (GMT)

    Preparing for and adjusting to life with your stoma: Live Q&A with our Clinical Advisor

    Are you preparing for stoma surgery, recovering from surgery or just want some extra support? 

    On Wednesday 30th January between 10am-2pm (GMT), our clinical advisor…

  • Coping with a stomal fistula

    This is an unusual complication of IBD and stoma surgery. When having surgery I didn’t really know about or expect any weird and wonderful extra complications. I know of many with an abdominal fistula, which has its own issues, but I only know of one…

  • What three things did you wish you knew before having a stoma?

    There’s a lot of things you probably wish you had known when you first got your ostomy..  Now that you've dealt with those things you can pass your knowledge on to the rest of the bigger life community. Share your thoughts below. 

  • What to bring to the hospital on surgery day

    So you’ve got your surgery scheduled, you’re probably either A. terrified or B. really excited (more likely a combination of the two). You’ve gone through the ropes with the Stoma nurse, you’ve practiced changing a fake bag; and now you’re finally ready…

  • Preparing for surgery: So Many Questions

    I remember seeing my surgeon and stoma nurse prior to surgery with a notebook full of questions I wanted answered! If you have any questions, concerns or worries – make sure you ASK! It’s one of the best ways to prepare yourself (especially mentally)…