• Colostomy- Hartmanns 0procedure

    I am had a colostomy recently - 7 weeks ago  - and have experienced some difficulties. I have had a bout of diarrhoea right when I was right in the middle of changing the stoma bag and have twice had the problem where the bag has leaked.

  • Help with urostomy bags

    I need to know where to purchase

    1.   Anti twist strap for my night drainage bag at night 

    2 where to find a flat pack night drainage stand to put my urostomy bag on while traveling

  • Stoma nurse

    Hi all,

    as some of you know I have a stoma of (38 years and a fistula of 6 years, the latter being caused by surgical complications.

    I have been feeling very down of late, with very black thoughts as the fistula is just a nightmare to manage and totally…

  • Reactions to products

    Has anyone used a product for a while and then had a reaction to it out of the blue?

  • Transverse Colostomy

    Good day so I'm fairly new 9 months with a Transverse Colostomy and I was wondering who else has this type. The transverse colostomy is located approximately 2 inches below my sternum directly in the middle of the chest. I'm having several types of problem…

  • Sleep

    Had surgery in August 2020 and not

    had a decent nights sleep since

  • Trying new ostomy products

    Do you ever try a new ostomy product just because you like the sound/look of it, or only if you are experiencing a problem?

  • How often do you measure your stoma?

    How often do you check the size of your stoma to make sure your pouch is still a good fit?

  • Does anyone use the filter covers that come with their pouches?

    You know the stickers that come with your pouches that you can use to cover your filter? I was just wondering if people find they help with ballooning? What else do you use them for?

  • Is anyone using a wrap with a zipper?

    Wrap for my pouch.  

  • What would you change about your stoma products?

    If you could change one thing about your stoma products, what would it be? 

  • Strong smell

    So last night I am sitting reading and a strong smell of poop near choked me.

    My bag was def sealed with no leaking.

    I hadn't eaten anything that would cause a smell.

    I am slightly paronoid as new to all this as 1  month post op.

  • Barrier rings

    Hello everyone. I am 3 months into my loop ileostomy. I use convex pouches. Recently, I have been adding Eakins Slims barrier rings. Do I cut the pouch hole larger than I did to allow for the ring?  I wonder if I shouldn't be doing this as when I change…

  • What I look for in an ostomy pouch

    There are so many pouches around it can be difficult to get the perfect one for you.

    It has taken me a few goes before I found my near perfect pouch. I started out with a Coloplast two-piece flat system as it was thought that because I have a fistula…

  • I have a very high output from my stoma at meal times. It is of the right consistency. I sometimes have to get up during the meal to empty my bag even though I only just emptied before I started the meal. Also high out put during the night. Any sugge...

    1. I have a very high output from my stoma at mealtimes. It is of the right consistency I have to get up during my meal to empty pouch even though emptied before hand. Also high output during  night. Any suggestion s or advice would be much appreciated…

  • Summer Routines

    Where I'm based its summer though not the warmest weather at the moment! I know that heat and humidity can cause issues with a stoma and I'm wondering does anyone have any summer tips or things you differently in warmer weather? Also any tips for swimming…

  • Question from Marlene, a bigger life user

    We got this message in from Marlene who asked us to share his question with you all in the hope you can help.

    I am a bit paranoid about the odour and spend a fortune on Ostomy deodorants has anyone got any tips for this that are less expensive as my gp…

  • How do you empty your stoma bag when out and about?

    This might sound like an obvious question that you just open the tab and empty the contents down the loo. Essentially that is true but there are obstacles that can be in the way.

    At home it’s all lovely, clean and you have your routine, but when you are…

  • Back at home

    As a community stoma care nurse I call in to see people very soon after they come home from hospital to make sure they are getting on ok. One thing that I have noticed with some people is that they are very nervous looking after their new stoma which…

  • How do you prepare for going out with no public toilet facilities currently available?

     Hey everyone

    With restrictions now beginning to lift and we are starting to venture out a little further from our homes for exercise, one issue is that public toilets still remain closed. How have you prepared yourself for going out knowing that there…

  • Do you decorate your stoma bag?

    I've seen some people on Instagram write messages and draw pictures on their bags, so I wondered if anyone in our community does that? 

    Some of the Bigger Life team decided to have a go, and here are the results (some of us delegated to our kids!)

  • Why does my stoma keep leaking

    My stoma is after leaking 5 times between Saturday and Sunday night.. I am paranoid about my bag bursting. When I was in hospital I saw the stoma nurse and she changed my bags to different ones as my stoma changed size 

  • Getting rid of odour- a review of what has and hasn’t worked for me.

    Smell … we all create it. Smells are unavoidable, and for Ileostomists, the odour created can be nasty and eye watering.

    It’s a natural bodily function, but masking any odour can be tricky

    I’ve had my Ileostomy for almost 11 years now and…

  • Dealing with a noisy stoma

     Having my little friend is second nature to me now, but it took a while getting used to him and there’s days I still am adjusting. He looks different compared to the stomas on the books or websites that you see.  I have learnt to deal with that,…

  • Very prolonged periods of constipation

    Hi, All @aBIGGERLife,

    I've been hospitalized for a number of weeks and am experiencing up to 4-5 days without needing to change my colostomy bag has anyone else ever had the same experience?

    Saying that I am coeliac and lactose intolerant and the…