• Introduction

    Hi my name is Linda and I am 59yrs old in mid June of this year I started having the runs thinking it was a touch of food poisoning but by 3rd week it wasn't any better and I thought I could see blood so I went to doctors who took bloods but said if it…

  • Jelly substance

    I had a clostomy in July 5 21, ever since that I have this jelly substance come out of my bottom.

    I was thrilled to be able to wear regular panties again, but this jelly junk keeps coming out it’s ruining my underware.

    cannsome one help me .

  • Colostomy- Hartmanns 0procedure

    I am had a colostomy recently - 7 weeks ago  - and have experienced some difficulties. I have had a bout of diarrhoea right when I was right in the middle of changing the stoma bag and have twice had the problem where the bag has leaked.

  • How to go about looking for new ostomy products

    Someone once said to me trying new ostomy products is like trying new shoes, you need to try different shoes to see what is the right fit for you. How have you gone about looking for new ostomy products for your stoma.

  • Help with urostomy bags

    I need to know where to purchase

    1.   Anti twist strap for my night drainage bag at night 

    2 where to find a flat pack night drainage stand to put my urostomy bag on while traveling

  • Explaining your ostomy to others.

    Does anyone have any tips and tricks on how you would explain having an ostomy to someone who isn't an ostomate?

  • Stoma nurse

    Hi all,

    as some of you know I have a stoma of (38 years and a fistula of 6 years, the latter being caused by surgical complications.

    I have been feeling very down of late, with very black thoughts as the fistula is just a nightmare to manage and totally…

  • Camping and hiking with an ostomy

    Since my ostomy surgery in 2011, I’ve only been camping once.  And it was more of “glamping”.  I slept in a tent but there was a bathroom with running water not too far away.  Even with my ostomy bag, I am always aware of where the nearest…

  • Catheter blocking ileostomy in a flesh wound that won't heal

    I have a non-surgical stoma. It was the result of an operation to remove my gallbladder that went wrong in February 2020 that perforated my bowel and put me in hospital with sepsis for months. I now have an ileostomy in the middle of an open flesh wound…

  • Colostomy bag & support

    Hi all, 

    I'm 5mths post op & I had to have rectum removed & half my abs used to make a flap. I have an end ostomy. My question is, where has people got their underwear from & what is the best support belt to get. Oh does the belt sit on the bag ? Does…

  • VIDEO: How having a stoma has impacted me

    Amy has discussed her recovery from stoma forming surgery and how she feels about having a stoma nearly 10 years later.

    How was your recovery from stoma surgery, how do you feel now? Let us know in the comments!

  • Hi everyone

    I have had a stoma  (ilostomy) for nearly two years, had problems with bags leaks,, odours etc, but have it well sorted now, if you are having problems in any way, I can help with my experience I hope, love these sites, gained so much information myself…

  • Building self confidence following stoma surgery

    Straight after stoma surgery is a very difficult and conflicting time, it might have saved your life, or cured you, or made things much better in the long term, but it has also changed your body and your self esteem.

    Accepting what has happened can be…

  • Getting a massage

    Has anyone gone for a massage at a spa? Did you find it comfortable with your stoma?

  • Stoma

    Hi, has anyone had large hard white lumps come out of stoma please?

  • Tips for the first trip out of the house

    What advice would you give to a new ostomate for their first trips out of the house?

  • Milestones in the first year

    What were the major milestones that you were excited to hit on your first year of recovery? First trip out, first swim, first time being intimate, going back to work? What made you feel like you were making good progress?

  • VIDEO: Take control of your stoma, and change how you feel

    Catch up on our live session from our Clinical Advisor, Marie McGrogan who was joined by special guest, Bronagh Starrs, Psychotherapist, and Luciana Podschun, an ostomate for 5 years.

    They discussed the feelings of loss of control following stoma formation…

  • Join Luciana live on Facebook - Wednesday 9th June at 2pm

    Join Luciana for our LIVE Event tomorrow at 2pm, along with Marie McGrogan, Clinical Advisor for eakin and Bronagh Starrs, Psychotherapist, where we’ll talk about feelings of loss of control after stoma surgery.
    I’ll share with you my experience…
  • Thrillseekers?!

    Who has gone on a big rollercoaster? Did you have any problems with your pouch when you went upside down?

  • LIVE Facebook event: Take control of your stoma, and change how you feel

    Join Bronagh Starrs for a LIVE event on our eakin Facebook page on Wednesday 9th June at 2pm, where she will be joined by Marie McGrogan , Clinical Advisor for eakin and Luciana Podschun, an ostomate for 5 years.
    We’ll explore issues of loss of control…
  • Transverse Colostomy

    Good day so I'm fairly new 9 months with a Transverse Colostomy and I was wondering who else has this type. The transverse colostomy is located approximately 2 inches below my sternum directly in the middle of the chest. I'm having several types of problem…

  • Turning 50: My journey of living life to the fullest

    Yes, 50 years old and happy, that’s how I feel. There’s nothing wrong, unless you wish you were 25. It feels like a big milestone. It’s not just a big birthday, but a big moment in my wonderful life. On May 12th, I was so thrilled to be given the gift…

  • Do you feel comfortable sunbathing with your pouch on show?

  • How and when do you tell a new partner about your stoma?

    Some of our bloggers have shared they story about dating and intimacy with a stoma, and we’d love to hear more of your stories. What has been your experience of dating with a stoma?