• Do you ever Google your health concerns?

    I read a great blog on here called Say No to Dr Google. Do you Google your symptoms, or leave it to the professionals?

  • Telling someone you have a stoma

    I hope you are all doing as well as you can be in these strange times we are facing. Covid has been with us for quite a while now, times we took for granted have changed so much.

    But something that is also still here (slightly improving yes) but still…

  • Screen time- how much time do you spend on a screen?

    Counting time at work on my laptop, watching TV and using my smart phone I probably spend 9+ hours each week day looking at a screen. How much screen time do you have each day? 

  • How often do you change your pouch?

  • How long did it take for you to start feeling yourself again after surgery?

    This seems to vary a lot from person to person. What was it like for you?

  • Do you ever forget you have a stoma?

    Is your stoma sub-consciously always on your mind, or do you ever forget you have a stoma?

  • Pregnancy with and without a stoma - Ruth O'Neil

    My story

    I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis many years after the first symptoms of bloody diarrhoea, weight loss, lethargy and often visiting the toilet up to thirty times a day appeared suddenly when I was nine years old. I grew up taking minimum…

  • Happy Australia Day to our Aussie friends!

    Australia day takes place on 26th January each year.  Do you celebrate Australia day?  Tell us how!

  • Has Brexit affected supplies of your ostomy products?

    Just wondering if Brexit has affected supplies of anyone's ostomy products? I've not heard of anyone having problems but thought I'd ask!

  • The funny side of ostomy life

    We can have some amusing times with our stomas, we have to laugh at ourselves and try and see the funny side.

    The first time my stoma ‘ farted” when not at home was somewhat embarrassing. I had just returned to work and was asked to go into a small room…

  • Helping my little sister through ostomy surgery

    My little sister is one of the strongest people I know. I remember painful transfers, untangling endless feet of cord and tubing, tying johnnies and fixing hair before we ventured out into the hallway for our hourly walk. By the time Caitlin finished…

  • Grey matter around Stoma

    I have had this problem for nearly a year now. A grey matter forms around stoma. Tried everything to get rid of it,nothing helps. Is it harmful ? Anybody else have this problem ?

    Any suggestions.? Thank you. Jazzman

  • How do I find my comments and answers

    I have trouble finding my posts and answers

  • Is it almost spring or autumn where you are?

    Depending on which side of the world you are in, it will either be coming into spring or autumn. Share a picture of the first springtime flower you come across, or the leaves turning colour. Maybe you live someone where the seasons don't change much…

  • Is anyone using a wrap with a zipper?

    Wrap for my pouch.  

  • What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first got your stoma?

    If your stoma is very new, don't panic.  We have lots of ostomates in our community that have had their stoma for a long time and we are all here to help.

    So, leave a comment and tell us what you know now that you wish you knew when you first got your…

  • Life with an ostomy: A mother's perspective

    “Living with the unexpected” is all about your attitude and your outlook on life. I have a very courageous daughter. As her mother I am very proud to have walked beside her as she marched full speed ahead down this unexpected road.

    My daughter…

  • When is the right time to have ostomy surgery?

    I have always wondered when is the right time to have surgery, and why is it only offered as a last resort?

    People suffer for years and years with a reduced quality of life never really knowing what living without pain and toilet trips is like.


  • Poll - Do you make any new years resolutions?

  • Are you adventurous?

    What's the most adventurous thing you have done since you got a stoma?  How long after surgery was it?

    We're all different, so for some people being able to go on an overnight stay is adventurous while for others it might be climbing Everest!


  • Taking the positives from 2020

    What can you do now that you never even considered doing this time last year, because of Covid-19? Did you finally pluck up the courage to speak to your neighbours, maybe you embraced technology or enjoyed local attractions and beauty spots more than…

  • Christmas traditions

    Christmas traditions are different across the world so we thought we would see what the Community like to do during the festive season.

    What's your favourite Christmas tradition? For me, it is our annual Christmas Eve Eve (the eve of Christmas Eve!) get…

  • Season's Greetings and Happy New Year from all the team at A Bigger Life

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our community visitors and members for all your fantastic contributions during 2020. Have a very Merry Christmas and we wish you a healthy and happy 2021.         


  • Coloured stoma bags?

    If stoma bags were made in all different colours, which colour would you pick?

    Maybe it would change with your mood, or what you are wearing?

    Or perhaps you have colourful pouch covers anyway so you're not bothered what colour the pouch is?


  • Top 10 Netflix box sets

    During the weeks after surgery you will be resting and trying to take it easy so you can build your strength back up.  One of the things you can do during this recovery time is watch a box set or two.  The team at A Bigger Life have put together their…