• Tips for the first trip out of the house

    What advice would you give to a new ostomate for their first trips out of the house?

  • Milestones in the first year

    What were the major milestones that you were excited to hit on your first year of recovery? First trip out, first swim, first time being intimate, going back to work? What made you feel like you were making good progress?

  • VIDEO: Take control of your stoma, and change how you feel

    Catch up on our live session from our Clinical Advisor, Marie McGrogan who was joined by special guest, Bronagh Starrs, Psychotherapist, and Luciana Podschun, an ostomate for 5 years.

    They discussed the feelings of loss of control following stoma formation…

  • Join Luciana live on Facebook - Wednesday 9th June at 2pm

    Join Luciana for our LIVE Event tomorrow at 2pm, along with Marie McGrogan, Clinical Advisor for eakin and Bronagh Starrs, Psychotherapist, where we’ll talk about feelings of loss of control after stoma surgery.
    I’ll share with you my experience…
  • Thrillseekers?!

    Who has gone on a big rollercoaster? Did you have any problems with your pouch when you went upside down?

  • LIVE Facebook event: Take control of your stoma, and change how you feel

    Join Bronagh Starrs for a LIVE event on our eakin Facebook page on Wednesday 9th June at 2pm, where she will be joined by Marie McGrogan , Clinical Advisor for eakin and Luciana Podschun, an ostomate for 5 years.
    We’ll explore issues of loss of control…
  • Transverse Colostomy

    Good day so I'm fairly new 9 months with a Transverse Colostomy and I was wondering who else has this type. The transverse colostomy is located approximately 2 inches below my sternum directly in the middle of the chest. I'm having several types of problem…

  • Turning 50: My journey of living life to the fullest

    Yes, 50 years old and happy, that’s how I feel. There’s nothing wrong, unless you wish you were 25. It feels like a big milestone. It’s not just a big birthday, but a big moment in my wonderful life. On May 12th, I was so thrilled to be given the gift…

  • Do you feel comfortable sunbathing with your pouch on show?

  • How and when do you tell a new partner about your stoma?

    Some of our bloggers have shared they story about dating and intimacy with a stoma, and we’d love to hear more of your stories. What has been your experience of dating with a stoma?

  • VIDEO: What comes in your pouch box

    Do you know how to use all the items in your pouch box?

    I've made a short video on what each items is and how to use them!

    Click here to play this video

  • How well prepared were you for surgery?

    Do you feel you were well prepared for your surgery? What was the most beneficial information you were given?

  • VIDEO: My stoma story

    Hi everyone! I've recently joined A Bigger Life as a blogger and I thought the perfect way to kickstart this journey would be to introduce myself and tell you my stoma story!

    You can hear all about my journey with Crohn's below.

    Click here to play this video

  • Social media as an ostomate

    Has social media influenced your experience of living with a stoma. Is it for better or worse?

  • Help and guidance from my stoma nurses

    I had my stoma created back in 2008. Even back then, although it was a relatively common operation, there was not much information available.

    Before I committed to the operation, I spent a lot of time initially talking with the stoma nurses at my local…

  • My stoma nurse team inspired me to do nursing

    As it is national nurses week, recognition should go out to every nurse and auxiliary nurse who have worked so hard through the covid pandemic.

    But I especially want to say a huge thank you to The Fabulous Five Stoma Care Nurses that have helped me from…

  • National nurses week – Thank you to my stoma nurse Kate

    I have been so blessed to have an amazing stoma nurse and I feel the need to let everyone know why. My journey was a very long one with a ten week hospital stay including four days on the high dependency unit. I managed to get a quick visit from a stoma…

  • Local ostomy support groups

    Is anyone here a member of a local ostomy support group?  Do you find it helpful?

  • Meeting another ostomate

    Has your stoma nurse ever offered you the opportunity to meet another ostomate, either before or after surgery? We'd love to hear about your thoughts on this and how useful you think it is.

  • When was the last time you experienced a leak?

    Do you have leaks regularly or just every now and then?

  • New to "A Bigger Life"

    I'm a Mom of a fairly new ostomate (Feb. 4, 2021). My son was very, very sick and the emergency colectomy saved his life. We thank God for this. However, we are now in the process of trying to find ileostomy products that work for him. We are currently…

  • Video: What I wish I knew before stoma surgery

    I am just over a year into my stoma journey now and there are a couple of things that I wish I knew or I wish I was told before I got my stoma. One being that I didn't know that I would still have the urge to bear down.

    What are the things that you…

  • Do you ever experience itch?

    We would like to try and add an article to the site to help ostomates find solutions to itching, and we need your help. When you have an itch, is it directly next to the stoma or over the entire area where your pouch sticks to the skin?

  • Does anyone have tips for using a hot tub with a stoma?

    I am just wondering if anyone uses a hot tub since having stoma surgery and if you have any tips to share on it? 

  • Stoma problems

    After 8 years with an illeostomy I’ve developed grandulomas on my stoma (little bleeding blisters). What causes them and what can I do to treat and prevent them??