• My experience with alcohol and a stoma

    I was always a little concerned about having a wine or two after stoma surgery, so I took it slowly. I realised that it helps to drink plenty of water in between glasses otherwise you can dehydrate much quicker than those without a stoma. Alcohol is known…

  • Transverse Colostomy

    Good day so I'm fairly new 9 months with a Transverse Colostomy and I was wondering who else has this type. The transverse colostomy is located approximately 2 inches below my sternum directly in the middle of the chest. I'm having several types of problem…

  • Enjoying food again

    Many ostomates say they were relieved to be able to eat the foods they loved again after surgery. What food were you most looking forward to after your surgery?

  • Does chocolate affect your output?

    With all these Easter eggs around, I am wondering if you find chocolate has an effect on your output?

  • Energy boosting foods

    Have you read the top ten energy boosting foods blog on here? Now that Spring is here, it puts me in the mood to get out more and be healthy. Anyone else feeling that way? abiggerlife.com/.../

  • What effect does alcohol have on your stoma?

    What effect do you find alcohol has on your stoma/output?

  • My experience with a partial stoma blockage

    I woke up in the early hours with intermittent crampy pain. It wasn’t pleasant but not excruciating at first but I couldn’t get back to sleep. It was like a contraction pain that came in waves. I felt very sick but luckily wasn’t actually sick. My bag…

  • I have a very high output from my stoma at meal times. It is of the right consistency. I sometimes have to get up during the meal to empty my bag even though I only just emptied before I started the meal. Also high out put during the night. Any sugge...

    1. I have a very high output from my stoma at mealtimes. It is of the right consistency I have to get up during my meal to empty pouch even though emptied before hand. Also high output during  night. Any suggestion s or advice would be much appreciated…

  • New projects during quaratine

    Have you started any projects during quarantine? Looking at social media it seems like lots of people have taken on new projects during quarantine- painting the shed, decorating a bedroom, growing vegetables.

    I did my first home brew, which will be ready…

  • French Chocolate Tart

    Ingredients: 250g Dark chocolate

    250g Butter
    250g Caster Sugar
    10 egg yolks
    10 egg whites
    Cream for serving


    1. Preheat the oven to 175ºC and grease a spring form cake tin.
    2. Melt the chocolate, butter and sugar in a water-bath.
    3. Beat the egg…
  • Banana Bread recipe- something for you to try?


    Banana Bread


    100g softened butter 

    175g caster sugar 

    2 large eggs 

    2 ripe bananas, mashed 

    225g self-raising flour 

    1 level teaspoon of baking powder 

    2 tablespoons of milk 

    1 tablespoon of honey 


    1. Pre-heat the oven to 180ºC…
  • Don’t forget to look after yourself!

    I’m sitting here writing this on a Tuesday morning at home.  I’m supposed to be at work but I woke up with extreme back pain and nausea.  I have chronic back pain but this pain feels a lot worse.  I felt sick to my stomach when my alarm went…

  • Anyone trying Veganuary?

    A few colleagues are doing Veganuary- eating a vegan diet for the month of January.  Do we have any vegan ostomates on A Bigger Life?  Any tips for vegan recipes that work well with your stoma, or ones to avoid?

  • Food colours

    Have you ever had a fright when changing your bag after eating something colourful? Tell us what you've eaten that's brightened up your output, and let's see if we can get all the colours of the rainbow!

  • Ileostomy food tips for good output

    The output of an ileostomist can vary in viscosity – on a good day you may have an output similar to thin porridge, and on a bad day, it will be as runny as tap water, and twice as messy….

    Having a watery output naturally comes with its…

  • Keeping hydrated with an ostomy

    Without a large intestine, your body is severely hampered in its job to absorb salt or liquid from body waste. Your smaller intestine will over time take on some part of this, but it will never be as it was.

    This means that an Ostomist will need to stay…

  • Caitlin: Too much sugar can cause me to have a lot of ostomy output

    Last month I wrote about my New Year’s Resolutions to be in better shape. I’ve been going to physical therapy twice a week since January. I’ve been finding it extremely helpful. I’ve been doing a technique called needling. Needling is very similar to…

  • hydration

    Are  those drinks available in uk or are there equivalents. With an ileostomy 3 hour throughput I have been advised to keep barley sugar with me to combat dryness prior to weakness.

  • Drinking alcohol with an ostomy

    Hey all

    Has anyone noticed that when you drink alcohol it can effect your pouch adhesion? Or any other effects with your ostomy? 

  • Caitlin: My stoma friendly smoothie recipe

    My diet has probably been the hardest thing to adjust to since my ostomy surgery.  There wasn’t a whole lot I couldn’t eat when I had Ulcerative Colitis.  Red meat and alcohol were the two things that made me sick.  Nothing else really bothered…

  • Alcohol and my stoma

    I’ve noticed that since having surgery that my alcohol tolerance levels have definitely decreased. Apart from me getting older haha, I think this is due to an increased stoma output (common with alcohol) which leaves me a bit dehydrated. The next day…

  • Drinking with an Ostomy (including the hard stuff!)

    One of the first things I was told as a new ostomate was the importance of staying hydrated. Hydration impacts so many aspects of our body and health including skin, mental state, digestion, even blood pressure, kidneys, muscles and joints.


  • Tips for dealing with a food blockage

    I am very fortunate that in my almost 4 years of having my ostomy, I am yet to have a blockage. That said, I’ve diligently read up on signs to watch out for and what to do just in case I do ever get one!

    Causes of blockages

    Obviously one of the…

  • Staying hydrated

    If you have an ostomy or any type of IBD, you know what it feels like to be dehydrated. Unfortunately, having these diseases prevents our bodies from absorbing all the nutrients and electrolytes that we need. With an ostomy, it’s that much harder. Without…

  • What’s on the menu?

    Having my ostomy for 7 years, I have had a lot of time to experiment with different ­­­foods. What I have noticed is that everyone is different and not all ostomates are alike.  I will never forget when I went to my first Ostomy Conference…