I have a double loop ileostomy (July 2015). Since day one my lower stoma has been retracted, so I have always worn a convex bag. Recently, I have noticed a small bump to the left of my abdomen and quite a lot of weakness on the right hand side.

Previously, my stoma nurse advised that surgery was the only option. I didn't want to jump for more surgery as I have fragile skin that does not heal well.

Should I be wearing a flat baseplate bag in order to reduce more weakness? I do core stoma exercises but no improvement.  I have a lot of nerve impairment due to problems with spine.

Any advice would be very helpful.

Thank you.

  • Hi there,

    Sorry for the delayed reply. Thanks for your message.

    So you have noticed a bump to the left of your abdomen? Is it there when you lie down?? I would advise you to feel the bump when upright and then low down into a comfortable position whilst relaxing the muscles. If it disappears I would suggest that it is some herniation. 

    Your stoma nurse had advised that surgery was the only option for the retracted stoma or the bump?? Sorry I just want to be clear.

    A lot of the time surgeons do not want to have people undergo surgery if they are in the high risk category or have issues with poor healing/repair in the past but this has to be weighed up with pro’s v cons.

    In relation to altering to a flat baseplate -I don’t feel that this would impact your hernia/bump/if that’s what your asking about. Ensure it is soft with no risks of skin breaks.

    I would be more focused on a suitable pouch/correct fit that ensures to help If you have any marks or worry about not feeling damage due to nerve damage, check skin regularly and ensure it is a soft convex.

    Nerve damage is very common and can improve over time post op but in your case it remains, so watch skin carefully, continue with core exercises and have a word with your surgeon re weighing up risks etc.
    I hope I have answered your question, please get back to me with anything else.

    Take care, Louise